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Welcome to My Front Porch by Molly Dillon ePub & PDF versions

Welcome to My Front Porch by Molly Dillon ePub & PDF versions

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Welcome to My Front Porch by Molly Dillon ePub & PDF versions

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Welcome to My Front Porch by Molly Dillon
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This book offers 365 days of inspired thoughts gained while sitting on my front porch or in my humble sanctuary and, even sometimes, from under the umbrella of my favorite sidewalk cafe. At age 76, I have been privileged to lead many lives and taken numerous spiritual paths. I am not one to put a name to my beliefs; I simply sit and open up to the Universe, waiting in silence to gain insights and ideas. Like the Dalai Lama, I merely want to come from love. Is there another place from which any of us can truly emerge? I think not.

For you, my readers, I want this book to be a daily sample of spiritual nectar. I ask that you sip from this bound bird feeder like the red-throated hummingbirds do from the glass feeder on my front porch.

When referring to God, I often call Him/Her by different names. I love thinking of God as the Beloved, but at other times I might picture Him as the Divine, or maybe, Her, as Infinite Love. I also refer to God in both the masculine and feminine gender. I remember, as a child, we had a minister in our church who always ended the service with this benediction, "May the Mother love of the Father God go with you." Isn't that beautiful? Where my naming of God does not resonate with you, please substitute your own name for Him/Her?one that better suits your own spiritual path.

Through this endeavor, I want you to know who I am, to get the feel of my spirit, to see how I dance and sing in this world. No matter where or how we worship, we are all, every one of us, soul-connected and each has something important to share with the other. My desire is to reach out and touch you as though the two of us were sitting together in quiet conversation.

At the end of each chat, I say "NAMASTE," a salutation that is a Sanskrit term meaning "The Divine in me greets the Divine in you."

The day I initiated this venture, I bowed my head and asked the Great Co-Creator to guide me. I jotted that prayer down and have been repeating it each day before I begin my writing: Be a giant, snow-white Egret, my Beloved. Let me sit upon your feathered back While you fly me to places within my heart that I never knew existed. Take me wherever you need me to go That I might impart our Magical journeys to others. Co-create with me a benediction of love.


Includes two versions PDF 423 pages and ePub