Universal hands

We are beings of light having a human experience, but we were not born with a manual of how to navigate this existence. So, inspired humans have created numerous works and belief systems in the form of religions, metaphysical sciences, philosophies, and tools. These are all a part of the ancient Greek aphorism on the Temple of Apollo, “know thyself.”

Metastudies Institute was created to bring what we feel are the best tools, and metaphysical works to those of you who are ready to move beyond the restrictions of religion, and into a more universal and natural spiritual living approach. 

We do recognize, however, that organized religions have a useful place in the world. They can be a launching pad toward a more expansive and inclusive philosophy as a way of living. 

At Metastudies Institute, we offer spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric home-study courses, plus local events, and classes in Southern California We have a selection of ebooks and audio mp3s that reflect that expansive, inclusive philosophy and way of living. 

Discover Astrology

Astrology Course Lessons

The study of Astrology takes serious effort, but when it is laid out in a logical order, it makes it much easier. Metastudies Institue’s Astrology course is 30 lessons and takes you on a journey of self-discovery, giving you tools to understand and help others.  This course covers all aspects of Tropical Astrology, and gives you the knowledge and skills to become a practicing Astrologer. 

There isn’t a more thorough way to “know yourself” than through astrology. There are many other uses for astrology in the fields of health, mundane, relationships, karma, and reincarnation. These topics are covered in the course along with progressions, pre-natal, and horary astrology. 

We offer flexible ways to purchase the course according to your budget. From single lessons, bundles of 5 or 10 lessons, to the whole course. Find out more!

Discover the Tarot

Many people don’t realize that the tarot did not start out as a divination tool. It was developed in the mystery school of the Golden Dawn as a tool for self discovery and understanding life’s journey.

Our Tarot Course is based on understanding the symbolism in the Tarot. You will learn to do what’s called technical readings not just intuitive readings. Because you understand the symbols it can really help open up your intuition. Find out more!

Tarot Course

Subtle Energy Work

Re Hu Tek head

We live in sea of universal bio-compatible energy. But how do we tap into that energy and use it for our benefit and the benefit of others. Re Hu Tek™ is the answer to this question.  

With our attunement and home study course you too can learn to tap into two powerful energies, cosmic and earth. Learn how to use these energies to help yourself and others. Protect your energy space. Empower your other spiritual practices. Learn healing techniques. Meditate more deeply and so much more. 

Re Hu Tek is not just another healing modality. It’s a powerful transformational system. Find out more!

Re Hu Tek Empowered Sound & Music

AUM CD cover


Experience continuous stream, bi-directional OM, the most ancient and primordial cosmic sound. Allen Burns performs AUM using the interval of a fifth, with added Tibetan metal bowl and Tingsha. Great for meditation.

Chakra Balancing CD cover

Chakras Gone Wild

These chakra balancing vocal sounds preformed by Allen Burns are designed to help balance the seven main energy centers (chakras) related to the nerve plexuses in the body.

Dancing to the Edge Cd cover

Dancing to the Edge

Be transported with the music soft and lively, strong, powerful, and soothing, each track moves you and enfolds you in sound of beauty and transformation. Music empowered with Re Hu Tek.