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The Art of Channeling by Anita Burns - eBook

The Art of Channeling by Anita Burns - eBook

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The Art of Channeling by Anita Burns - eBook

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A straight forward guide to what channeling is, how to find a good channel and how to do it yourself.
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The Art of Channeling by Anita Burns - Downloadable€ eBook version 46 pages. Includes both PDF and ePUB formats.

Since the 1970'­s, channeling has blossomed in the spiritual/metaphysical community. More people are opening to the channeling experience than ever before. But what is channeling? You won'­t find a definition of it in your Webster'­s, or Brittanica. Channeling is not easily described. Perhaps this is because each channel'­s experience is unique.

To experience channeling, the mind must be quiet and still. You must open a part of yourself normally closed to direct communication with the invisible worlds. This allows thoughts, ideas, wisdom, and knowledge to pass from the realm of expanded consciousness to the channel. The messages move through the channels brain and translate into language and symbols. Channeling can be done solely for personal growth, for the benefit of others, or both.

This is a simple, straightforward text. You will find guidance on how to find a good channel, how to get the most out of your experience, and how to open to your own channeling experience.

I originally wrote this book as a supplemental guide for my channeling students, to answer to the many questions I have received about how to find a good channel and how to develop one'­s own skills as a channeler.

For more information about Anita Burns go to www.anitaburns.info.

Take a look inside The Art of Channeling (pages 1-7)
If the link does not open in your browser, try right clicking the link rnand down loading to your hard drive. (pdf file)

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