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Tarot Course Lessons 16-20

Tarot Course Lessons 16-20

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Tarot Course Lessons 16-20

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Tarot Certification Home Study Course Lessons 16-20
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Tarot Certification Home Study, Distant Learning Course

Learning Tarot the RIGHT way!

Written and taught by Anita Burns, a 40-year professional in Tarot and Metaphysical Studies.

The Tarot Course Lessons 16 - 20 comes standard as a zipped folder of PDF files that you download after payment is confirmed. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available at Adobe.com, after unzipping the folder.

Other options, for US customers only, are:
Printed Paper format + $10 (US ONLY) for printing, handling, and postage.

TAROT Lessons:
For each card studied, you will find information about the card, its connections to astrology, numerology, and more. There is detailed information about the symbology of the card, how to use it in a spread, both upright and reversed, and clear illustrations of the symbols in each card. You will also find detailed charts, spreads, examples, comparisons, and much more.

nAt the end of each lesson are questions and assignments to be completed and returned for personal evaluation from Anita Burns. These are returned to you, via email or post with comments and discussion.

LESSON 16: Tarot Numerology and Astrology; Threes; Fours; Review of Symbols in the Major and Minor Arcana

LESSON 17: Tarot Numerology and Astrology; Fives; Sixes; Tarot Diary

LESSON 18: Tarot Numerology and Astrology; Sevens; Eights; The Business of Tarot

LESSON 19: Tarot Numerology and Astrology; Nines; Tens; The Business of Tarot II

LESSON 20: Spreads: Year-at-a-Glance; Astrology Spread; Past Life Spread