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AUM (OM) by Allen Burns MP3 Download

AUM (OM) by Allen Burns MP3 Download

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AUM (OM) by Allen Burns MP3 Download

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OM (AUM) MP3 - Experience 35 minutes of continuous stream, bi-directional OM, the most ancient and primordial cosmic sound.
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Experience 35 minutes of continuous stream, bi-directional OM, the most ancient and primordial cosmic sound. Allen Burns performs Oms using the interval of a fifth, believed to be the source of universal harmony and the note E flat associated with the heart chakra and creation. The Tibetan Tingsha & Bowl enhance these special sounds. To bring the energy of these sounds to their ultimate peak, Allen empowered them with ancient Egyptian Re Hu Tek energy.

(35mins MP3 192kbps/PDF booklet - zipfile 49.3 MB)

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Anyone who has been around metaphysics for a time has probably heard "OM". It seems to be the favorite at metaphysical/spiritual events. Om consists of three words A, U, and M, which loosely translate to body/mind/spirit. Aum, chanted correctly, has great ability to empower. For example, chanting Om at the beginning and the end of other mantras, meditations, spiritual gatherings, or prayers, greatly increases their power. Some traditions say not to chant Om (Aum) alone. Others say if it is chanted alone it empowers the chanter through clearing, centering, and unifying body/mind/spirit into an elevated state of consciousness.

AUM, often called the Maha Mantra, is the root of all mantras. In Hindu tradition, chanting AUM brings universal consciousness. Swami Shivananda, guru and doctor, wrote,"The Mantra AUM is a mass of radiant energy. It awakens supernatural powers...it generates creative force. It is unique, powerful, and supremely divine." Sri Aurobindo, in Essays on the Bhagavad Gita , said "Aum is a self-contained, unified primal force, timeless, eternal, without form."

Rabindranath Tagore said, "Om is the symbolic word for perfection, the infinite, the eternal, Om representsrnthe wholeness of creation. It fills the mind with the essence of infinite perfection."

Traditionally, Hindu mantras must be chanted hundreds of thousands of times before results can be seen. This is because the mind, even of a practiced meditator, is not focused enough to build the force without repetition. Like putting drops of water into a bucket, it will eventually fill, but it takes a lot of drops.

Re Hu Tek, an ancient Egyptian energy forcefor empowering, transforming, and healng, greatly reduces that time. Using RHT, the power of any mantra is so expanded that results can be seen much more quickly. The Oms on this CD were chanted while using a flow of Re Hu Tek.

The three words in OM, A, U, M are strung together in one long sound that is the primordial sound of creation. Each word is associated with specific energy forces.

Traditional meanings associated with each sound of the AUM are:
A (AH) - Waking state, earth, form, speech, absence of limiting desire, masculine energy, past, teachings of the father, the first creation.
U (OOH) - Dream state, inner world, air, inner consciousness, upward movement, mind, absence of fear, feminine energy, the present, teachings of the mother, conservation.
M Unity of consciousness and unconscious mind, cosmic void, breath of life, absence of anger, neutral energy, the future, teachings of the guru, transformation.
Each word should be sounded in equal length with the others; the Ahh - ooh - mmm must be evenly spaced between each sound.

In addition, the three words relate to:
A = Waking state, earth
U = Dream state, inner world, air
M = Deep sleep, undifferentiated unity, void

How to Chant Om
Sit straight, lie flat, or stand.
Take a deep breath and say an elongated "Ah" as when the doctor tells us to say "ahh." Feel the AH in the root chakra, moving up to the solar plexus chakra.
Chant the sound to "U" as in "OOOO." Feel this from the solar plexus chakra to the throat chakra.
Now change to "M" as in "MMMMM." This "M" can also be chanted with the tongue at the roof of the mouth. Some teachers say this increases the power of Om (Aum). Feel this from the throat chakra to the crown chakra.
Keep the duration of the A, U, and M, close to equal in length.
When chanting alone, without the CD, find a comfortable pitch and speed.

What is Re Hu Tek
RHT is a healing/transformative/balancing energetic system that is istalled into a recipient through an attunement process that permanently integrates the RHT with the attunee's energy body.

The RHT force is made up of two distinct yet compatible energies: Cosmic energy coming into the crown chakra and Earth energy coming up from the Earth to enter the body through the feet and root chakras.

RHT integrates the Cosmic and Earth energy to create a powerful combination that works on all levels of our body, mind, and spirit.

RHT can be amplified, modulated, and focused by vocal sound, yantras (symbols), the breath, and hand movements.

Fifth Interval
The OMs in this CD are created in a special interval is known in music nas a perfect fifth. Ancient Chinese sage and philosopher, Lao Tzu taught that this interval is the source of universal harmony.
In India, the fifth interval is thought to manifest the sound through which Shiva summons Shakti to unite with him in the dance of life.
Greek Sun God of Music and Healing, Apollo, played the fifth on his sacred lyre to call dolphin messengers to the temple at Delphi.

Bi-Directional Sound
The OMs in the CD are bi-directional and best experienced using headphones. This wave of motion, moving through your ears from left to right then right to left creates a balancing effect in the hemispheres of the brain and helps you receive the energies of the Re Hu Tek enhanced OM in a deep and powerful way.


"Thank you so much for the CD. It is really wonderful. It puts me in the zone in no time. What a great tool. I plan on listening to it as often as I can."

Kim Neal., Riverside, CA

"The OM CD is awesome. Not only are its effects powerful, they are amplified when I chant along with it!"

David Lintner, Claremont , CA

"I was wondering if it was important (for the attunement process) to let you know that€  [the] reason I bought the First Degree package is that I was listening to your AUM CD (which I bought from Amazon.com) and energy began pulsing through my hands. Thanks very much,"
SG - Arizona

Review from voiceoftheangelsmagazine.com

(MP3 35:58 mIns /PDF booklet - zip file size 49.3 MB)

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