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Light Beings, Johar, Simon and Sybil Channel Through Anita Burns. Bring Your Questions.

Light Beings, Johar, Simon and Sybil Channel Through Anita Burns. Bring Your Questions.

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Light Beings, Johar, Simon and Sybil Channel Through Anita Burns. Bring Your Questions.

Sponsored by Tina Foran, Holistic Registry
Saturday, February 24, 11am-1pm
Winchester, (Temecula area), CA
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Light Beings, Johar, Simon & Sybil
Channel through Anita Burns

Open Topics - Guidance, Information, and Personal Answers



Sponsored by Tina Foran, Holistic Registry
Saturday, February 24, 11am-1pm
$30 Prepaid

LIGHT-BEING souls, Johar,  Simon, and Sybil, speak through Anita Burns while she is in deep trance to bring clear, truth from Divine Source.

Johar, Simon, and Sybil are infinite beings of wisdom. They always speak truth and have incredible presence that is felt by people in profound ways. With humor and compassion, they fling back the curtain between the worlds and invite you into the wisdom of the Universe.

In this meeting, they will shed “LIGHT” on life, love, living, the past, present, and future for you as an individual and as a collective. 

The topics they will delve into could be many and varied, it depends on what YOU want to know and what YOUR best and highest physical and spiritual path may be.
Some of the things they might talk about are:

--Past life, letting go of the web of karma, healing, the state of the world (how much of a chaotic mess is it?)

-- Healing energy and healers 

-- Spirit Attachments, hauntings, invisible hitchhikers, and dark forces at work

-- Old Souls? Not as Edenic as it might seem? How to live in the Light and still function in the world

--ETs? Real from other planets or are they inter dimensional beings.

Johar, Simon, and Sybil will answer your questions, and give you guidance on issues in your life.

Johar. Simon, and Sybil are ancient beings—masters working to bring about the end of darkness and the dawning of spiritual light on this planet.

This day may change your life!

"I witnessed Johar when you came to our class last week. I just loved the presentation and all of the messages Johar had for all. Needless to say, I was in awe! Your gift brings lots of comfort to many. "
Blessings, Frank

"I am grateful for the insight and teachings you bring to others. Connections and reconnecting with like-minded persons on a different level. The wholeness, glimpses of Oneness, and kindling (rekindling?) spiritual friendships is very healing."
Thank You. Fondly, Tonya

"I have been a beneficiary of Anita's channeling for about 15 years. Every
single reading has been unique and exactly what I needed at that time. I
have obtained invaluable insights into my life as well as glimpses of higher planes. If you ever doubt the Universe loves you, talk to Johar!"
Keith, Oklahoma

February 24, 2024
11am-1pm - $30
Tina Foran’s home in Westminster (Temecula)


Anita is a lifelong spiritual student, has been channelling Light Beings from the ‘causal’ spiritual plane for over 40 years. Johar and Simon have been of invaluable help to people throughout the world in their quest for spiritual expansion and overcoming life's challenges. Sybil has recently joined the "family." She brings a unique feminine energy to the trio.

Anita is a COMPLETE, DEEP-TRANCE CHANNEL. That means she puts her consciousness aside and allows Johar and Simon, plus sometimes,  archangels and guides, to freely work through her. Being in complete trance, she remembers nothing after the session is over. She has been a vehicle for Wisdom from Johar and Simon globally, in the US, Great Britain, Amsterdam, France, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece.

Anita has studied extensively, including the works of the Oceanside Rosicrucians, Sathya Sai Baba, Baba Sri Siva, Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship, and the Vedanta Society’s Swami Vivekananda, plus many more spiritual journeys from the Western world.

She is a fifth-degree Reiki master, Kirya initiate, and Sombu Kotal/Re Hu Tek practitioner/instructor. Anita and her husband Allen conduct sessions in Sombu Kotal, the spiritual science of “Letting Go.” 

Come and experience this unique, personal, and powerful connection.