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Guided Meditations Bundle 1 - 10

Guided Meditations Bundle 1 - 10

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Guided Meditations Bundle 1 - 10

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Guided Meditations Bundle 1 - 10
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This bundle includes guided meditations 1-10

Click on titles below to hear sample.
01 - Aura Color Meditation 6:42
02 - Seven Ray Mediation 7:07
03 - Guruve Namaha - I Am the Inner Divine Self  - Technique 4:04
04 - Your Inner Sanctuary 5:30
05 - Zen Breath - Technique 7:08
06 - Between the Breath Am I - Technique 8:24
07 - Motion Meditation Technique 4:39
08 - Breathing Your Divine Self - Technique 5:08
09 - Being One Meditation 5:12
10 - Becoming One with Your Oversoul 10:36

Includes mp3 track with voice and background sound, a track with voice only, and a pdf of the text from each meditation. You can use these meditations for personal use or for your own classes or events. Files come in a zipped folder, so you will need into unzip the file first to access the contents.

File size: 203 MB (You will need a broadband connection to download this set.)
Formats: MP3 and PDF in a zip file.

About These Guided Meditations

This collection of guided meditations will take you into your inner world for healing, balancing, consciousness expansion, stress relief, and meeting with guides and angels, and more. They are beautifully and lovingly written by my mother over her long career as a spiritual teacher and mentor.

Sadly, mother sank into the darkness of Alzheimer's and barely remembered her incredible contribution to the healing, happiness, and spiritual growth of the hundreds, if not thousands, of students she taught, helped, and mentored for nearly fifty years.

So much of her work was original and incredible. This is a partial collection of meditations, guided meditations, and meditation techniques that my mother, Helen Lupien, created while in contact with her guides and divine self. They have helped so many people, and now, I have recorded them so that they are available for everyone.

These meditations are copyright 2011 Metastudies Institute and may not be published as a collection or resold without our written permission. We have included two tracks for each meditation, one with a background sound, and another with voice only. You may want to put your own music on for the voice only track, or use no music at all. We have included the text for the meditations in case you wish to use them in your own classes or other events.


Anita Burns

Disclaimer: These meditations are for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for proper medical treatment from a licensed medical practitioner. We make no claims for usefulness of these meditations for any particular purpose. Each person makes progress on their journey of personal development in their own way and must decide for themselves what is helpful to them on their journey.