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Astrology Course Lesson 04

Astrology Course Lesson 04

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Astrology Course Lesson 04

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Lesson 1 of the Astrology Practitioner Course of thirty lessons. Available as PDF Downloads, and Printed +$2 (U.S only).
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Astrology Course -Lesson 4: An in-depth study of the signs of the zodiac part 2 Libra - Pisces.

Libra the Scales 

September 21 to October 20

Animal: No animal, this is the only non-biological sign—Scales of Balance

Significance of the Glyph: Scales to represent equilibrium and Balance

Physical: Libra rules kidneys, ovaries, adrenal glands, appendix, lumbar vertebrae, and skin.

Emotions & Intellect: Romantic, enthusiastic, changeable, artistic, can be fickle, charming, suave.

Persuasive, judicial, tactful , indecisive on small things, fond of show, intriguing.

Dysfunction: Kidney problems, lumbago, diabetes, quick to fall sick, but quick to recover.

Harmonious Occupations: Financier, diplomat, navigator, poet, actor, artist, architect, judge...

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This Astrology course of thirty lessons is comprehensive and complete, giving you an understanding and in depth knowledge of astrology. After successful completion of the course you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally and certified by MetaStudies Institute as an Astrology Practitioner.

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