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Astrology Course Lesson 01

Astrology Course Lesson 01

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Astrology Course Lesson 01

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Lesson 1 of the Astrology Practitioner Course of thirty lessons. Available as PDF Downloads, and Printed +$2 (U.S only).
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Astrology Course - Lesson 1: The history of Astrology and how it moved from a mainstream science to a superstition and is on its way back to mainstream science.


In the ancient world, humans lived mostly under an open sky. The heavens performed miracles not easily understood—thunder, lightening, meteors, sun, moon, and stars. People in those long ago times sensed spiritual forces—divine power—radiating from the lights above. In ancient Sumeria, for example, the symbol for divinity is a star.

Even though it isn’t true, the stars, sun, and moon appear to revolve around our planet. That’s what most people believed until Copernicus proposed that the sun was at the center and the planets revolved around it. This was in the late 16th century. Even then, it was heresy to admit a belief in such an “ungodly” idea. Only after Galileo observed Venus through his telescope was Copernicus proven to be right. Galileo suffered a sentence of house arrest for the rest of his life...

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This Astrology course of thirty lessons is comprehensive and complete, giving you an understanding and in depth knowledge of astrology. After successful completion of the course you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally and certified by MetaStudies Institute as an Astrology Practitioner.

Includes link to a supplemental video.


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