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Astrology Course Lessons 21-25

Astrology Course Lessons 21-25

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Astrology Course Lessons 21-25

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Lesson 21-25 of the Astrology Practitioner Course of thirty lessons. Available as PDF Downloads, and Printed(+$10 U.S only).
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Astrology Practitioner Course Lessons 21-25 of 30
This Astrology course of thirty lessons is comprehensive and complete, giving you an understanding and in depth knowledge of astrology. After successful completion of the course you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally and certified by MetaStudies Institute as an Astrology Practitioner.

Lesson 21: Extra Astrology Tools. This lesson introduces yournto some extra tools you can use to add even more depth to your understanding of astrology and to be able to deliver the extra insight that makes your delineations stand out from mediocrity. In fact, all of he lessons following are designed to do that. This lesson gives you some tools you can use with the charts you have so far learned to read, Natal and Transits. The lessons to follow show you how to use your knowledge in specialty fields such as horary, mundane, synastry, prenatal, and so forth.

Lesson 22: Progressions, and other predictive astrology methods

Lesson 23: Pre-natal Astrology. Studies how the planets affect you before you were even born.

Lesson 24-25: The study of a very special type of astrology-Horary. Horary astrology answers questions of the moment such as "Where is the ring lost?"

These lessons come as a zip file of 5 PDF files down loadable after payment confirmation.

For an additional printed copies choose paper format (U.S. Only) extra $10 for printing and shipping.

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