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Your Soul Map by Anita Burns - eBook

Your Soul Map by Anita Burns - eBook

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Your Soul Map by Anita Burns - eBook

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Your Soul Map by Anita Burns - eBook
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Your Soul Map by Anita Burns
Unwrapping Your True Self—Mapping Your Soul (113 pages PDF & ePub formats)

Age: Infant - Baby - Young - Mature - Old - Transcendental - Infinite
Ray: Priest, Server, Warrior, Sage, Scholar, King, Artisan
Overleaves: Goals, Modes, Attitudes, Centers, Chief Features
For years light beings, Johar, Simon, and Michael have been revealing the universal plan of evolution of the soul and its complex pattern of moving from a state of virgin spirit into full Universal consciousness.

This unfolds in an awesome order and complexity called your Soul Map. Now you can discover the complete map of your soul.

Anita, with help from light beings Johar, Simon, Michael, and angel Raphael, help you find your complete Soul Map, and what it all means to your life, family, job, relationships, and abundance.

You will discover how, from embodiment in the mineral kingdom to embodiment in the universe itself, you are a part of the ALL. With this information, you will be able to understand yourself and others at a deeper level than ever before. You will discover how to make your life work better and how to let go of many of the roadblocks that keep you from being the best you can be.

If you REALLY want to understand what you are all about from the micro to macrocosm, come and learn to map your soul. This is a map of the universal plan that makes logical sense and is so clear, you will have no more doubts about your place in the universe and your role in its evolution.

You will know your:
Soul age from Infant to Infinite
Soul ray the grand filter through which we play out all of our lives
Overleaves & soul filters refining filters that change from lifetime to lifetime and allow us to play out our karma and awaken
How karma gums up the works of soul awakening
The role of animals in our soul'­s evolution
Plus a lot more.€
Take look inside Your Soul Map (pages 1-13)
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