Event All Souls Spirit Rescue Circle, May 30, 1-3pm, Online Zoom Event May 30, 1-3pm Online With Zoom

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All Souls Spirit Rescue Circle, May 30, 1-3pm, Online Zoom Event

All Souls Spirit Rescue Circle, May 30, 1-3pm, Online Zoom Event

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All Souls Spirit Rescue Circle, May 30, 1-3pm, Online Zoom Event

May 30, 1-3pm
Online With Zoom
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All Souls Spirit Rescue Circle

$20 Prepayment required

May 30,  1-3pm.  Online Zoom Event

After payment you will receive a email with a link to the event.



Below are URLs to two a unique spirit voices that came through on the recording of our Spirit Circles.

"Go to Hell...Guardian." This one is angry that the Guardians turned him away. I guess it's proof that our protection methods work! His voice is loud and distinct. ​


These voices seem to be two angels or two spirits commenting on something I was saying. I had to increase the volume of the spirit voices so they can be clearly heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEjC24GN5z4



Did you know. . .

  • There are spirits who don't know they're dead
  • Some spirits of suicides or murder don't know how to move into the light and feel trapped in a nightmarish darkness
  • Some who die suddenly and violently don't know they're dead and don't know how to transition to the light. They wander or feel trapped in the moment of their death, reliving it over and over again.
  • Some souls are afraid to go into the light for fear of Hell or losing contact with loved ones
  • Some souls are lost because they didn't believe in an afterlife

These are lost souls, trapped, confused, afraid. They need our help. We, the physical living are the only ones who can help them because they are the only ones these spirits can see or connect with.

They are in a sort of limbo where the bright light of transition, other loved ones in spirit, angels, and soul group guides are invisible and unheard.

The Tibetans have known about this for centuries. They perform rituals for the dead to guide them into the transitioning and crossing over. Many Native American nations, Australian Aboriginals, the ancient Egyptians, and Pagans all had/have knowledge of this.

Why it was eliminated from Western religious tradition, I can only guess.

Help these souls GO INTO THE LIGHT. If you are reading this, you have a connection to spirit and are of light consciousness.

Helping these people is a spiritual "good works." And, it works better, faster, and more easily when a group comes together to perform the "releasing.


We will also discuss any questions you might have about the Afterlife--

--Have questions about the "other side?"

--What is "the other side" like?

--How do the spirits speak to us?

--Why do some souls go into the light and others don't?

--What about hauntings?

--Is there a heaven and hell?

--What about atheists?


About Anita

I was born able to see and speak with spirit, astral travel, and sense subtle energies. I have traveled in the other worlds with guides who helped me understand the intricate web of the afterlife. I have spoken with and interacted with spirits and ghosts more often than I can count. It can be scary. It can be sublime. It is always WONDERFUL!