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Astrology Course Lesson 28

Astrology Course Lesson 28

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Astrology Course Lesson 28

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Lesson 28 of the Astrology Practitioner Course of thirty lessons. Available as PDF Downloads, and Printed +$2 (U.S only).
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Astrology Course - Lesson 28:€ Karmic Astrology Reincarnation in your chart.

Karmic Astrology

One way to determine past lives and karma in a chart is by looking at Saturn. Saturn is the taskmaster planet and brings us to face Karmic issues. Saturn’s placement shows the Karmic lessons to be learned. It is where we take on the most responsibility and where we are most likely to feel restrictions.

First House

In the first or ruling the 1st, the manifestation is not being wanted which results in guilt, insecurity, a feeling of having to be responsible for the lives of those around us. This can result in control issues where safety is felt only when we are controlling our environment.

We may take on the responsibility of others and get dumped on and taken advantage of so we will be needed and wanted.

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This Astrology course of thirty lessons is comprehensive and complete, giving you an understanding and in depth knowledge of astrology. After successful completion of the course you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally and certified by MetaStudies Institute as an Astrology Practitioner.

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