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Hemet Ghost Hunters at Downtowne Bookstore, Riverside

Sunday, December2, 2018, 6-9pm

Downtowne Bookstore, 3582 Main St Riverside, Ca 92501

Jointhe Hemet Ghost Hunters for an exciting night!

We want you to come investigate with us!

HemetGhost Hunters has been conducting paranormal investigations, throughoutRiverside county for over 10 years. Both private residences and public!

Wewant you to join us! Come experience a live investigation, help us make contactand communicate with the spirits of this old historic, Downtowne Bookstore in Riverside!

Equipment we willbe using for communication:

  • ·Ovilus 3Mel-Meters Rem Pods RT-EVP 2 (as seen on ghost adventures) K-2 meters EMFDetectors
  • ·SLS Camera
  • ·Spirit Box (livecommunication)
  • ·Flashlights forcommunication infra-red cameras and camcorders. Temperature gauges DigitalVideo Recorders Still cameras Laser grids Night Vision video & cameras andmany more...

HemetGhost Hunters will be answering questions about ghosts, spirits, and equipment.

Participate in aLIVE investigation with real professionals

·Join in and askquestions on EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) sessions

·Bring your ownaudio recorders and cameras (phones are fine for this) for capturing evidenceon your own!

·Investigatein a SAFE environment

There are limited number of tickets available so secure you place now.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Tickets are non-refundable; there will be NO REFUNDS for no-shows and/or cancellations unless the event is cancelled.

Other Policies

Hemet Ghost Hunters, Tina Foran, and Anita Burns, and the Downtowne Bookstore are NOT responsible for any and all items that are lost and/or damaged during this event.

Although we expect to have a lively night of sightings and recording, there is no guarantee of any apparition or spirit voices. Whether the spirits choose to communicate with us is entirely up to them. We will do our best to invite them to make themselves known to us.

We look forward to seeing you and having a great investigation!

Let us know if you have any questions.


The Hemet Ghost Hunters

Tina Foran

Anita Burns

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Payment Info

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